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    FYX Antenna Advantages

    Science and technology innovation, quality first, reasonable price, customer first

    Specializing in the development of electronic components, production and sales of integrated enterprise. Company Independent research and development, independent production, independent sales, to the customer in the most transparent price!

  • Adapt to the different needs of market positioning. Customers can contact the company have proposed autonomous demand, the company will expand the inquiry according to the needs, to the customer to develop the most reasonable solution!
  • FYX rigorous quality assurance Companies supporting the production with advanced production and testing equipment, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, integrated tester, salt spray test instrument, such as testing equipment imports, perseverance and the pursuit of better product quality.

  • High-performance, cost-effective The company has improved the production, research and development system, the company focus on new markets and the integration and the full integration of the new product design and production processes, and to develop new updated, high-performance antenna products.
  • Large telecommunications companies Partners FYX News was founded in 2006, so far has been nine years of power industry experience, has provided the power solution for ZTE, Huawei, Foxconn, BYD and other large enterprises.

  • Ensure security tracking services In strict accordance with national safety and environmental standards of production, product sales to more than 30 cities nationwide, the company after-sales support throughout the product tracking service, lift production hardship, experiencing product quality problems, we can give you return!
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    FYX Antenna

  • Shenzhen FYX Communication Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional Antenna manufacturer which is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province. It is professionally engaged in R&D, designing, manufacturing and selling as a line for service.The Main products are GSM Antenna, CDMA Antenna, PHS Antenna, 2.4G Antenna, 3G Antenna, 4G Antenna, ...
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